Rockets aren't the point.


Falcon 9 Liftoff

If you’ve seen the latest video, you know that I took a trip down to Apollo Beach to photograph Space-X’s latest rocket launch, and planned destruction as part of the test of the in flight abort system. What I didn’t talk about in the video although it was apparent, was the disappointment that we all felt at the less than ideal conditions for viewing a launch. Sure, we could “see” the rocket. Sure we could hear it too. But what we were all there for was some major fireworks. Instead we got a fizzle. Congratulations are certainly in order for the Space-X team as they’re now ready to return astronauts to space from here in the US… for the first time since 2011. For us folks down at the cape for launch day though, it was supremely disappointing. That brings me to my point.

Rockets aren’t the point. Neither are spectacular sunsets, amazing animal displays, or that perfect “peak action” that we as photographers lust after on every trip. The point is being there. That’s it. Be there. Maybe you’ll come away with a memorable shot, or maybe you’ll just come away with a memory. Either way, sometimes the best photographs are the ones you don’t take. Think about that the next time you’re out in nature and “bald skies” ruin your sunset… or hot, or rainy weather keep the animals at bay. That’s why we do this thing called photography anyway. Looking through my catalog of 100k plus images over the past 10 or so years I’ve been shooting… most if not 99% of the images are not worthy to be shared… let alone portfolio shots. But each one is a story, a memory, a time in my life that I can’t go back to… but that should be treasured.

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