The Journey. Part 5.

Standing there in that freezing cold weather, looking through the eyepiece at far-away birds I could just imagine the possibilities. Two weeks later, I hurried off to the camera store to purchase my first full frame camera. The Nikon D610.

Sure the D600 had shutter oil issues, but that was all fixed by the D610. I think that camera had a blazing 3 or 4 fps, but who cares - it was Full Frame - just like that guy at Blackpoint Wildlife Drive. Now all I needed was some glass to go with it.

So along with my venerable best friend (the D7000) I listed my “Bigma” for sale on eBay too. Got enough from both to purchase some real, awesome Nikon prime glass. The ancient - 400mm f3.5. I could hardly believe my eyes when that behemoth came in the door - it was soooo big, with so much glass! I could hardly contain myself. I immediately rushed out to shoot with it - after all it had electrical contacts, so I could control aperture though the lens (just like the pros), but of course with modern cameras, manual focus lenses are just plain HARD to use. Sure your grandfather focused fine with manual glass back in the film days - but that was with big, bright viewfinders with ground glass or split prisms and all sorts of focus aids. Manual focusing a DSLR today is no joke - especially at 400mm with an aperture as wide as 3.5. I worked my tail off to get better at manual focusing - and did. It took forever to start getting sharp images, but I could manage maybe 1 out of 5 as good and maybe 1 of 20 as perfect.

No my hit rate wasn’t nearly good enough for any serious photographer, so my journey continued. Soon, the Sochi Olympics was coming and so were ads for the (still very sexy) Canon 7D mkii. I knew I just had to get my hands on that little beast of a camera. 10FPS and an autofocus system that Nikon couldn’t compete with… it was a no-brainer. So off to the camera store I went…

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