The Journey. Part 7.

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

So while the 10FPS of the 7Dmkii was amazing and the autofocus was, for its time, stellar it was big and it was HEAVY! Around this time I began to experience my first inklings of the back pain to come. I had to this point been carrying around all that weight (along with a healthy dose of my own body weight) around my neck for years and it was taking its toll.

That's why as my body began to shout, I began to think about getting smaller and lighter. It was around this time that I began to notice a new breed of camera that was gracing the display cases at Best Buy. The mirrorless camera. Oh and already there was quite a selection - Sony, Nikon, Samsung, Fuji... the list went on and on. The promise of mirrorless was always "smaller and lighter" plus, having come from a background in video - an electronic viewfinder. Holy Cow! That felt super familiar.

So on one of my late afternoon trips to Best Buy, I decided to finally give mirrorless a go. I bought a Sony NEX-6. Nope - the A6000 hadn't even come out yet - Sony was still foundering its way through the SLT market (trying to compete with Nikon and Canon was a loosing battle at the time) and the NEX series was all the rage. Side note - I very nearly went "all in" on a Samsung NX600 (I think that was the model) but I didn't care for the feel of the "kit" lens - it felt cheap.

So home I came with a spankin' new NEX-6 and 50mm 16-55 kit lens. I remember eating dinner with my friends that next night at a local restaurant and showing them this "marvel" of a camera. One of my buddies remarked "finally - you're not carrying around that ridiculous old camera" (meaning the 7dmkii.) Yeah I sure was happy about that little NEX. Until I realized that Sony didn't have any lenses at the time.

Nope - basically I could choose between a 16-55 kit, a 50mm prime and a 55-210 zoom. That was about it. Certainly not going to cut it for wildlife - that's for sure.

Thank goodness for returns - that one didn't even make it a week with me.

Soon I began lusting for something else. Something black and chrome. Something new, fresh, and totally different. Something from Fuji.

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