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What Is The War At Home?

After many years of thinking and dreaming about it, I’ve decided to begin work on a documentary and photo book titled The War At Home. In this, I would like to interview & photograph the spouses of veterans who served during WWII, Korea, Vietnam, The Persian Gulf, the War on Terror, and any other conflict that drew our nation’s soldiers into battle. My goal is to highlight the tremendous sacrifices that these women and men made supporting their families, communities, and the war effort itself.

So why am I doing this? I've never been in or been married to anyone who's served in the armed forces; however, it's been one of my life's true passions to celebrate and support those who have served. It's something beyond politics, beyond left or right, republican or democrat. It's so much more fundamental. That's why I've been dreaming about this for so many years, and why I'm beyond excited to begin this project. I can't do it without your support though - through words, and through dollars - your contributions will help make this dream a reality, and hopefully serve to lift up the tremendous men and women who served here at home.